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Version 1.0
Last Update 2003/08/04
Product Type Freeware
Requirements Palm OS 3.0 or greater (OS5 Ready)
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The data logger to observe butterfly's mode of life.
By the request of the researcher of The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
It developed based on Parallel Lap.

Purpose :
The split time of five specific actions of the observation object (butterfly)
is recorded with the Palm device.
HotSync(R) is done via the note pad after the observation ends,
and it takes into the spread sheet software on the PC side. and take statistics.

Because it makes it the application and generally
The recorded character string is changed, and summer vacation research :-)
It is possible to use it to measure some events.

About Screen

The character string for the button display character string and the record
is set with Preferences.

The Default value

  1. Nect: Nectar
  2. Shade: Seek Shade
  3. Back: Bask
  4. Mate: Find Mate
  5. Reje: Rejection
and these can be freely changed.
The setting of a Japanese character string is also possible.
The setting of 1-5 is allocated in hardware button and up/down key.

Preferences Screen

The button on leftmost changes with "Start" - "Stop" - "Clear" - "Start".

  • Start : Measurement beginning
  • Stop : Measurement end
  • Clear : The display is clear

The split time is recorded with five "Action" buttons (Nect etc.).
The action button : the hardware button
(DateBook, Address, Up/Down, ToDo and NotePad).
It corresponds by pushing.

When the "Export" button is pushed after the measurement ends,
data is written the NotePad.
(The "Export" button disappears after writing of data.)

  • The part of the name is revokable. (An initial value is "Butterlfy-1")
    It is possible to input it up to 15 characters or less.
  • Automatic power supply OFF function stops when measuring
    Please note that it forgets to turn off the power supply.
    (The amount of the battery remainder is % displayed in the upper part of the screen)

Main Screen

-- Change history --

Ver 1.0 (2002/08/05)

  • Resource correction and public release

Ver 0.1 (2002/06/10)

  • Test version making and field test

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